Healing Birthday Trauma

When I wrote this, it was my birthday.

Like many trauma survivors, my birthday has never really been a day of celebration and joy. Rather, it’s been a collection of traumas big and small, a message layered year after year that I’m not worth celebrating.

Until this year. Because this…

And how I learned to trust them despite everything that was going on

One day, after school, I walked into the house and the energy was all wrong. It was heavy, oppressive, and there was a horrible foreboding feeling. I found my mom in the family room, with my well-hidden journals in front of her, open. She’d been crying.

She started screaming about…

Healing from PTSD

Reclaiming My Voice After Child Abuse

I’ve told a lot of scary stories. Some are published; some aren’t. But there’s one scary story I’ve never told: mine.

It’s time because it’s been holding me back for thirty years. It keeps me at a distance from others, untrusting, wary, afraid.

It’s easier now for me to say…

Religious Inclusivism

A Parable About Multiple Covenant Theology

This is a story about a Mother with many children. The Mother, like mothers who came after, had difficulty getting Her children to behave. Sometimes the children would disobey and get hurt; other times they would hurt each other. …

Sheyna Galyan

Soul Guides™ Coach • Author • Speaker • Move from silenced and squashed to vocal and free by partnering with your own soul guides. https://sheynagalyan.com

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